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SaaSpik is an excellent, unique and modern Wordpress Theme having multi-options for Startups, App Landing & SaaS based Companies. It has 4 unique landing pages with multi inner pages for various purpose.

Theme features

Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the theme and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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Theme Installation

Once you purchase the theme from themeforest, you'll be able to load 2 file type.
  1. All Files and documentation
  2. Installable Wordpress Theme File
If you select to download all files and documentation ( the zip name will be ), you have to extract it out ( to get file ) before installing it to wordpress system.
Install theme via Wordpress Dashboard
  1. Go to 'Appearance > Theme' section
  2. Click 'Add New' and select the 'Upload' option
  3. Upload the zip file
  4. All Done :)
Install theme via FTP
  1. Access to the file on your server using ftp editor program
  2. Go to 'wp-content/themes' folder
  3. Extract the zip file and put the themename-vxx_xx folder there
  4. Go to 'Wordpress Dashboard > Appearance > Theme' section to activate the theme
  5. All Done :)
Install Plugins
After you install the theme, there'll be a list of suggested and recommended plugins at the top of the wordpress dashboard.

If you already hide it out, you can go to 'Appearance > Install Plugins' section instead too.

Importing Demo Content

After activating the theme, there'll be suggested plugin listed at the top (if there aren't, you can go to 'Appearance > Install Plugins' section as well ). Try installing and activating these following plugins ( as it effects the importing process ). You can also install all suggested plugins at this step as well.

Note:All of your old data will be remove if you use this function.

Then, go to 'Appearance > Install Sample Data > Choose Layout > Saaspik Import Demo'
Follow the steps mentioned on the screen, then, you'll get the site like the demo :)

General Layout

- Preloader

- Display Back To Top

- Enable/Disable Smooth Scroll

- You can use Custom CSS style if you want overwrite style of theme and your customize code keep in database so you can update theme in future without change

- You can add Google Analytics code to manager, track your website

Header Settings

- You can choose 1 in 2 header layout options to display on your website.

Page Header Settings

- You can setup page title, sub-title, background for page title

1. Default Page Setting.

- Default Page Title

- Default Page Description

- Default Page Background

Blog Settings

You can setup blog page display as grid or masonry layout with left sidebar,right sidebar or no sidebar

You can edit blog sidebar by navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Primary

Mise Settings

- You can setup Google Map Api Key

Typography Settings

You can change font family use default fonts, Google fonts, change font size, font color, heading font size

Color Scheme

You can change color for overall site, header, footer.

404 Settings

You can setting up 404 Page.


- You can assign another page to homepage by go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Change Frontpage to any page you want

Page Title Options

1. Page Title Display

2. To display page title you have turn it on, add sub title and upload background image

Product Bundle Plugin Setting

Open settings of plugin as Dashboard > Settings > Product Bundle Settings

You have option to change title of bundle, description of the bundle, button text and color of button. Especially you can setting discount for the bundle, display save off as amount or percent

Create new product bundle

1. Create a product as normal
2. Add another product to your bundle

- Open Product Bundles Tab

- Type your product name

- Click to product to add this to bundle

- You can easy to add or remove a product to your bundle

3. Add discount percent for total products (if user buy 4 products they save 15%, buy 3 products they save 10%, etc...). This percent you easy control

You can view our video at

Create Look-book Collection

Go to 'Pin Maker > Category > Add New' to create new collection. You can follow our video at

There're 3 option to display your look-book collections:

- Default - Grid

- Slider

- Masonry

Create New Look

Go to 'Pin Maker > Add New' to create new look. You need upload image, and assign for categories

Follow our video at

Add a pin on look

- Click on the main image to add a pin

- You can add one and more note on image and link your note to product

1. Pin Style:

Display pin as icon, area, image

2. Pin Type:

- Text: this option help you can add text to introduct about a product,...

- Image: content of pin is image

- Link: content of pin is link, you can use this option to link to another page, affiliate

- YouTube & Vimeo: add content of pin can display a video

- WooCommerce: display content of pin as a WooCommerce's product

3. Popup Style: Config position, effect, style of popup display

1. Lookbook Shortcode

You can add single lookbook or collection of lookbook on you blog post, page, product using single shortcode: [pins id="5279"] or collection short code:[pins_cat id='151']

2. Lookbook Page

You can insert your lookbook to your blog post, product description, page use shortcode [pins_cat id='151']

2.1 Page with Lookbook

2.2 Post with Lookbook

2.3 Product with Lookbook

1. Install Plugin

Download plugin at or in your Dashboard > Plugin > Add New > Search "Instagram Shop"

2. Sign In your Instagram and sync your products

- Sign in at your Instagram Feed will auto load

- Open Apps Menu, select WooCommerce app, insert your store link and press connect

- Login your website with admin account

- Approve Snapppt read your WooCommerce product

3. Add your Snapppt account ID to your website

- Open Menu > Account Details > Copy your Snapppt ID

- Go to your site Dashboard > Snappt > Paste Your Snapppt Account ID. Now your store links with your Snapppt and Instagram

Create Instagram Shop Pin

1- Open your Snapppt homepage > Click one image on your Instagram Feed > Edit Product Links

2- Edit share option or enable hotpots feature.

With hotpots feature enable you can add more pin to your images and link to more product

Create Instagram Shop Page

You can insert your Instagram Shop in Custom Page, Blog Post, Product Detail Description by insert shotcode [snapppt_embed embed_type="grid"] or click on button

MailChimp Newsletter

1. Go to Customize > Mailchimp Settings

2. Get MailChimp API key And List ID

3. Display Subscribes Form
- Create a widget and display this widget at Footer Sidebar: Go 'Appearance > Widgets > Cafedia - Newsleter ' and add to 'Footer Sidebar'

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How to change logo after demo import?

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